Technology Committees 2020-2021

Technology Committees 2020-2021

The Technology Department hosts teams of teachers who help provide training and support on the various software and hardware issues in the district.  The teams are for training while computer technicians handle infrastructure, networking, hardware and software installation, and troubleshooting. The teams are the Technology Training Team and the IXL/Typing Pal Training Team.

The Technology Training Team will meet as needed to receive training on new technology the district is implementing, which in turn, they will train building staff. In addition, the Tech Training Team may serve on their buildings’ technology committees, to help with individual schools’ technology plans and the buildings’ technology budget spending.

In addition to the administrative members, the team is comprised of teachers and Media Specialists; each elementary building and Paris Gibson Education Center has one member, middle schools have two members, and high schools have three members. The members are appointed by the building-level principal(s) or district office supervisors and superintendents.

The Technology Training Team may be asked to advise the district on technology needs, issues, and district-wide initiatives. The members are encouraged to teach technology PIR courses and recommend topics for future trainings.

The IXL/Typing Pal Training Team meets on an annual and as-needed basis and support elementary building staff with the implementation of these two programs. The members are appointed by the building-level principal(s) or district office supervisors and superintendents.

Charlene Ammons - Elem Tech Coach and Jana Mora - Sec Tech Coach
Meeting Frequency: 

As needed

Usual Meeting Place: 

District Office Building

Meeting Dates and Times: 



Committee Members: 
Elementary Tech Trainers Location Room Phone #
Ruth Uecker DOB Asst Sup 268-7444
  Chief Jo    
Marci Brodock Lewis & Clark 5 268-6712
Robin Brown Longfellow Library 268-7453
Heidi Rieger Lincoln Library 268-6817
Ann Marie Fraser Loy Library 268-6915
Ryan Hart (Admin) Sunnyside Principal 268-7118
Ande Brinka Meadow Lark A-8 268-7262
Caroline Houtz Morningside Library 268-6969
Lindsay Cline Mountain View 4th Gr 268-7310
Lindsey Brown Giant Springs Literacy/Math 268-7065
Shantelle Hutchinson Riverview C-5 268-7037
Scott Mayer Sacajawea B-3 268-7106
Cathy Allen Sunnyside Library 268-7143
Lauren Trovatten Valley View A5 268-7156
Amber Pedersen West Library 268-7184
Erica Rusinski Whittier 11 268-7246
Ryan Beam ELF PreSchool   268-6421
Secondary Tech Trainers Location Room Phone #
Anita Ranieri, AP (Admin) CMR Main Office  268-6104
Jessica Goosen CMR 232 268-6143
Jamie Williams CMR Library 268-6124
Mike Lathrop CMR 325 268-6182
Geoff Habel (Admin) GFHS Main Office 268-6323
Chrissy Baroch GFHS 214 268-6379
Beth Thomas GFHS SC202 268-6271
Rosie Rossberg GFHS 105 268-6303
Yenta Jaques Paris 223 or 224 268-6613
Steve Yates, AP (Admin) East Main Office 268-6505
Nick Herd East  G17 268-6471
Jamie McGraw, AP (Admin) North Main Office 268-6565
Clint Topel North 110 268-6577
Shelley O’Rourke North Library 268-6574 or 6532
IXL/Typing Pal Trainers
Name Location Phone #
Andrea Hirose Chief Jo 268-6684
  Chief Jo  
Arienne Konesky Lewis & Clark 268-6715
Brittany Hopkins Lewis & Clark 268-6709
Brooke Knowles Lincoln 268-6815
Leslie Kynett Lincoln 268-6807
Stacy Barnes Longfellow 268-6857
Robin Brown Longfellow 268-7453
Lexie Service Loy 268-6917
Sharman Ameline Loy 268-6920
Anne Stevenson Meadow Lark 268-7273
Lacey George Meadow Lark 268-6691
Todd Ondick Morningside 268-6974
Leia Lins Morningside 268-6982
Amy Konen Mountain View 268-7334
Jennifer Crisman Mountain View 268-7317
Shantelle Hutchinson Riverview 268-7037
Callie Ross Riverview 268-7031
Alissa Kline Giant Springs 268-7071
Wynn Davis Giant Springs 268-7064
Kayla Grossman Sacajawea 268-7095
Erin Evenhus Sacajawea 268-7099
Cathy Allen Sunnyside 268-7143
Josh Mueller Sunnyside 268-7121
Anna Geary Valley View 268-7173
Cindy Clark Valley View 268-7159
Amber Pedersen West 268-7184
Kelly Silk Whittier 268-7235
Julie Radonich Whittier 268-7245
Charlene Ammons DOB 268-6023
Marni Napierala DOB 268-6086