School Board Meeting Information

School Board Meeting Information

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Due to the increased spread of COVID-19 in our community, Great Falls Public Schools is pivoting our public School Board meetings to  utilize a virtual option for Board members, cabinet and the public in order to avoid large gatherings of people at this time. Therefore, the January 11 and 25, 2021 School Board meetings will be available to the public through Facebook Live streaming on our GFPS FB page at;

Audience Participation and Public Comment is part of the public meeting process. Each Board Agenda provides an opportunity under Section VI. Communication (A)  for Audience Communication on any topic that is not already noticed on the agenda for that evening. If a member of the community would like to address the Board virtually during this time in the agenda, please email the  by 5:00 PM on the night of the Board meeting (Jan. 11th and Jan. 25th) and include the following information;

First and Last Name
Group or individual(s) you are representing, if any.
Written comment of the subject/topic you wish to address with the Board.

Your comment will be read during the Audience Participation portion of the agenda.

All other public comment on agenda items will be allowed by the Board Chair as that item is being discussed by the Board during the meeting via FB Live streaming comments. Once again, individuals wishing to comment on agenda items before the Board during this time period, must state their full name and address when addressing the Trustees. Public comments will  be recorded as part of the public record.