2019 BCBS Stress FUNDamentals Program

Launch Week materials October 2, 2019: 
1. Click here to view the flyer with topics and what is coming your way for the next six weeks.
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2. Click here to view the Personal Contract sheet referenced in the flyer above. Make a plan! 

Week #1 - October 16, 2019  
Click on the 5 titles below for great information.

Address Stress
Stress Assessment
Physical Effects of Stress
Stress Less
Time Management

Stressed out? Breathe in! Source: Mental Health America
If you feel that stress is about to send you over the edge, take some time out and breathe in. Deep breathing changes your brain’s chemical balance and helps to calm you down. Try the following breathing exercise:

  1. Sit in a chair or on the floor.
  2. Rest your hands on your stomach.
  3. Slowly count to four while inhaling through your nose. Feel your stomach rise. Hold your breath for a second.
  4. Slowly count to four while you exhale through your mouth. To control how fast you exhale, purse your lips like you’re going to whistle. Your stomach will slowly fall.
  5. Repeat the exercise three times.

Week #2 - October 23
WEEK #2 (10-23-19):
This week the information is all about SLEEP and STRESS.

Sleep deprivation is taking a big toll on many of us. Thirty-seven percent of American adults are so sleepy during the day that their daily activities are affected. Lack of sleep has been linked to health and behavioral problems, decreased productivity and safety issues. Are you suffering from a lack of zzzs?

Click on any of the titles below to access resources:

Sleep Assessment Sheet
Don’t Skimp on Sleep
Sleep Log Sheet
Sleep Tips – If you don’t snooze, you lose.
Relaxation Tips Sheet

Week #3 - October 30
WEEK #3 (10-30-19): Stress relief is a laughing matter

We’ve all probably heard that laughter is the best medicine. Did you know that it really can help change your body’s chemistry and offset the unhealthy physical effects of stress? When you laugh, you release negative emotions — the feelings you may have bottled up that can actually cause illness. Laughter helps reduce stress and strengthens the immune system by lowering stress hormones and boosting your body’s ability to fight infection. So when it comes to your health, you’ll have the last laugh. Source: American Psychological Association

Click on any of the titles below to access resources

Laugh More
Embrace Laughter

Week #4 - November 6
WEEK #4 (11-6-19): Financial Stress- It’s Not A Bed of Roses

Are you dealing with financial concerns that have grown out of hand? Like other forms of stress, people may deal with financial stress by using unhealthy coping methods such as overeating, drinking and smoking. Or they may ignore the issues and avoid facing their problems altogether. Financial Stress: It’s Not a Bed of Roses
Plan to view the 4 different resources for this topic by visiting the Employee Wellness site. Click here.
Financial Stress Resources – Click each resource below. 
Financial Stress General Tips
Budget Your Budget Back on Track includes a monthly spending plan.
Tips on How To Save
Tips on How to Tame Your Urge to Spurge

Week #5 - November 13
WEEK #5  (11-13-19): Work Life Balance

We all have different things to balance in our lives. Plan to view the tips below.
Feeling Taxed to Relaxed – Work life balance tips.
Organization – Everything in its place at work and home.
Slow Down – Switch to the slow lane with success.
Working Parent – Strategies to balance parenting.
Caregiver – Caring for an elderly parent. 

Week #6 - November 20
WEEK #6  (11-20-19): Holiday Stress

This week is all about Holiday Stress and includes several tip sheets. View below. 
Have A Happy Healthy Holiday Season Beat stress and ring in the year. 
Holiday Stress - Put peace back in your holidays.
Holiday Survival Tips - Holiday spirit lifters. 
Holiday Budgeting - Decking the halls without wrecking your budget.