iPods and iPads setup and FAQ

  • So you have iPods or iPads in your classroom – great!  This is an exciting technology for teaching.  As we explore how to use these tools in a sound pedagogical manner, please keep the information on this page in mind.  If you have additional questions not yet answered in the FAQ, please send them to Charlene Ammons or Tom Hering, and we’ll get them answered and update this page!

    We have taken best practices from many other school districts that are using this technology, but we are still learning as we go.  These instructions are by no means perfect – but with your experience we will continue to evolve and make them better!

What should I do with the devices?

    • Educate! Use these tools in creative ways. Voice recording. Maps. Notes. Videos. Pictures. Research. Math drills. Literacy drills. Virtual manipulatives. Be creative.
    • If you have one device for each student, assign each student a device number. The student should use the same device every day.
    • If you have fewer than one device per student, assign each student a device number but "double up" (Billy and Sally both are device 150).
    • Call with questions!  We are still early in the process of using these educational tools and don’t have all the answers, so please call Charlene or Tom with questions and we’ll get them answered!

    What should I NOT do with the devices?

    • Please don’t send the devices home with students.
    • If you need an app installed, contact the help desk and open a ticket – please do not manually try to install apps on the devices.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    I have a device that a student has "messed up" (jumbled icons, deleted apps, etc.)  How do I reset it?

    Contact the help desk and open a ticket – make sure to reference the device number.  Ask that the device be reset and we will contact you with further instructions. 

    One of my iPod/iPads won’t work or is damaged – what do I do?

    Contact the help desk and open a ticket – make sure to reference the device number.  Specify the nature of the problem ("won’t turn on" or "dropped and cracked") and we will contact you with further instructions. 

    I want to install a free app – what do I do?

    First, please preview the app and check reviews to make sure the app is appropriate for the grade level as well as content areas. Then, call the help desk x7393 (or support.gfps.k12.mt.us) and specify the app that you want installed and the devices that you have (by number) that will get the install. If you know the lab name of the devices, you can provide the lab name instead.

    I want to install a for-pay app – what do I do?

    You will need to get approval from your principal to pay for the app across all of the devices in question. The cost is per device, not per app. Once you have approval, submit a ticket as specified above for "free apps," but additionally include a budget code for the purchase. The IT department will make the purchase using our Volume Purchase Plan (to receive a discount) and then install the app to the devices. This can be done remotely.

    Can I send the devices home with kids?

    Not at this time. Until we are comfortable with our internal inventory protocols, we do not want the inventory going home with students.

    Can I take the devices home so I can learn more?

    Talk to your principal.  The checkout lab at InfoServe is not to leave the buildings, but individual labs purchased by principals may have different building policies.

    Have a question but don’t see the answer?  Email Charlene Ammons or Tom Hering and we’ll answer it!