• Jobs for Montana's Graduates--JMG

    Jobs for Montana’s Graduates (JMG) is a program designed to help high school students develop skills needed in educational and working environments. The program was originally developed to target at risk students and to help students stay in school and graduate on time. JMG focuses on developing  four main skill areas: leadership, social, career, and civic. We are always looking for opportunities to exercise these skills.

    The career development aspect of JMG prepares students for real world situations. Students gain a better understanding of job planning, decision-making, career seeking, and personal skills. Students participate in job shadows, mock interviews and career and personality exploration.


    Active JMG members utilize their leadership skills constantly. At Paris Gibson Education Center (PGEC), the JMG class meets three times a week. At these meetings, the class holds discussions, where students voice their opinions and ideas. One student Elizabeth Tomlinson says, “It’s kind of like an alternative student council”.

    Practicing civic skills and giving back to the community is a big part of JMG. In the fall, we raked leaves in the neighborhood and delivered gift certificates for the PGEC Coffee Shop. In the winter, we helped run the school blood drive. We are always seeking out partnerships and opportunities to provide service to those in need.When practicing social skills, JMG makes team work, cooperation and respect key priorities. The social element of JMG has really brought the class together.  JMG student Paysen Mckeehan said, “At the Career Development Conference (2013), in Missoula, I was introduced to kids from all over the state. Some of whom, I am still in contact with. It really opened my eyes to the social aspect of JMG”.

    If you would like to learn more about Jobs for Montana’s Graduates visit http://wsd.dli.mt.gov/jmg/jmg.asp or http://www.jag.org/. You can also contact Paris Gibson Education Center’s JMG instructor, Yenta Jaques. 
    Student helping with blood pressure checks   Students helping neighbors with yard work