Resources for Parents and Staff

  • Great Falls Public School Nurses

    Here to help with your child’s wellness at school.

    Here are a few ways we may do so:

    +  Provide basic healthcare for students in case of injury or acute illness

    +  Develop health plans for students with chronic illnesses and disabilities

    +  Educate students and staff on healthy habits, such as proper nutrition and hygiene 

    +  Detect health problems in early stages through regular screenings

    + Update students’ medical history 

    + Ensure the school environment is safe for children and school staff (e.g. prevention of communicable diseases)

    + Write referrals to pediatricians and other health specialists

    + Provide Direct Nursing Services

Other Helpful Resources

Contact Us

  • Contact your GFPS Nurse
            Lead Nurse
            School: Paris Gibson Education Center
            Phone: 268-7700
    Fax: 268-6603

    Early Learning and Development

            School: GFPS Transitional Kindergarten
            Phone: 268-6411 
    Fax: 268-6449

    Elementary Schools

      School: Chief Joseph
    Phone: 268-6957
    Fax: 268-6955
            School: Giant Springs
            Phone: 268-7816
    Fax: 268-7077
            School: Lewis and Clark
            Phone: 268-6707
    Fax: 268-7008
            School: Lincoln
            Phone: 268-6804
    Fax: 268-6819
            School: Longfellow
            Phone: 268-6874
    Fax: 268-7450
     School: Loy
            Phone: 268-6890
    Fax: 268-6887
            School: Meadow Lark
            Phone: 268-7889
    Fax: 268-7304
            Schools: Morningside
            Phone: 268-7823
    Fax: 268-7480
            Schools: Mountain View
            Phone: 268-7329
    Fax: 268-7336
            Schools: Riverview
            Phone: 268-7017
    Fax: 268-7007
            Schools: Sacajawea
            Phone: 268-7088
    Fax: 268-7114
            School: Sunnyside
            Phone: 268-7857
    Fax: 268-7421
            Schools: Valley View
            Phone: 268-7490
    Fax: 268-7148
            Schools: West
            Phone: 268-7873
    Fax: 268-7227
            School: Whittier
            Phone: 268-7241
    Fax: 268-7243

    Middle Schools

            Schools: East Middle School
            Phone: 268-6514
    Fax: 268-6524
            School: North Middle School
           Phone: 268-6529
    Fax: 268-6575

    High Schools

            Schools: CMR High School
            Phone: 268-6244
    Fax: 268-6109
            School: Great Falls High School
            Phone: 268-6332
    Fax: 268-6256

    You may leave a message for any of the nurses listed at 268-7700.