Literacy "Every Child Can Read"

  • The Great Falls Public Schools Literacy Department welcomes parents and our community to join us as we work together to create readers.

    Finding time to read with children is proven to be essential, even if it is only a few minutes over the breakfast table about the cereal box, or reading the signs on the way to school. Parents’ modeling of reading encourages young people to put forth the effort to become readers. Some of GFPS schools use volunteers from the community as well as parents to join the effort of helping all become proficient readers. Feel free to contact individual schools about volunteering.

    Literacy teachers in GFPS schools supplement classroom reading instruction. All literacy teachers have a Montana reading endorsement and continue to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the complex process of reading.

    Literacy teachers are also resources for school staff and parents helping to encourage the love of reading for both students and adults.

    Your student’s teacher or principal can give you more information about the literacy program at your school.

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