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Jonathan Logan

Science Teacher

I have been sharing science and encouraging young people to “Question Everything” for over 30 years. Many call me a science teacher, but I prefer the title of “Nonfiction Story Teller.” There are endless stories about the COSMOS just waiting to be told, questioned and understood. I strive to learn something new every day that have the privilege to be alive on this Earth. I find great joy in learning new things. I love changing my beliefs as new evidence is presented that shows my thoughts to be incorrect. My meaning in life comes by inspiring myself and others to explore, question and celebrate this amazing world.

All of my seminars are on my Google Classroom. The codes are on the Paris Master Schedule. I also maintain which has links to many of the things that move me.

“It is far better to understand the Universe , as it really is, than to persist in delusion no matter how satisfying the delusion may feel to my soul~Carl Sagan

jonathan logan

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