• Paris through a student's eyes  

    The bell rings, students get up from their desks and move on to their next class. Bell after bell, boring class after boring class, it’s a never ending cycle. It’s easy to get caught up in a traditional school’s schedules. One might start to feel like a zombie lost in a sea of sameness. The great thing about Paris Gibson Education Center and what makes it a better alternative to a traditional school, is that the students at PGEC, and the teachers as well, certainly don’t blend in, they stand out. At PGEC, the students have the freedom to decide their schedules for the day, are able to obtain more one-on-one time with teachers, and it’s a school for young parents who wish to further their education.

    Everyone has different academic abilities, talents, and struggles. PGEC is designed so the students are in control of their own schedules. Every morning when they arrive, they are given a copy of the teachers’ schedule. From there, they determine which seminars and classrooms are available to work in. This is beneficial because the student attends the seminars, acquires the homework, and then they have the choice to finish assignments in a classroom or attend another seminar. Every day is different with many new opportunities.      There’s only so much time in the day; between school, work, and those who are young parents, it’s challenging to squeeze in homework. Those who do their homework usually rush through, missing key elements, and learning it all wrong. PGEC is perfect for those who need that extra time and attention, so the students don’t feel like they are being “hung out to dry.” No two people are the same; some excel in one area and struggle in another. Therefore, the extra time in the day given for work production directly affects the quality of the work and understanding from the student. Some students applying to PGEC need a second chance, want to try something new, or want to graduate early. For students who are hard workers, PGEC gives them the option to work ahead and graduate early. Last year, they had more than 100 students graduate.

    Students in the Young Parent Education Center are young parents who want to continue their education, while caring for their children. It’s a new beginning for the parents and helps them to have a more successful future for themselves and their kin. YPEC offers parenting classes, a daycare, and a “home” for mothers and fathers alike. The daycare they offer is very professional and caring to both parent and child. Being able to leave their children in good hands and go to school in the same building has helped many go on in the world secure, educated, and with a diploma in their hand.

    Somewhere, in a traditional school near you, students are “walking bar codes,” lost among the crowd, and drowned out by hours of lectures. However, PGEC’s small school feel is perfect for one to be their self. “Cliques” are obsolete throughout PGEC and most students find themselves interacting and befriending those they never would have in their home schools. Paris Gibson Education Center has a little bit of everything, for everyone. It’s a better alternative opposed to a traditional school because of all the little things from the extra time with a teacher, to pushing yourself to graduate early. It’s more than just a school, it is a sanctuary for those who just want to move on and be successful. PGEC represents the “jocks,” “emos,” “freaks,” “geeks,” “nobodies,” and “preps,” who in truth, are just normal people with different styles and opinions, and one goal to graduate. PGEC is one big boiling pot of individuality, success, and compassion.

    Written by: Meghan O’Neal Nov. 2012