How to use the Warehouse Catalog (and find the toner for your printer)

  • Hi! Here’s how to use the iVisions Warehouse Catalog in general and specifically how to find the toner for your printer.

    1. Log in to iVisions
    2. Click on the "Warehouse Catalog" menu item across the blue navigation bar at the top
    3. Select "Tech Warehouse" from the Warehouse dropdown menu
    4. Select "Printer parts" from the Filter By Category dropdown menu
    5. Type in your printer model number into the Search Keyword option (for example, if you have a LaserJet 4100 TN, type in "4100")
    6. Click Search and it will show you your printer parts available through the warehouse
    7. Note the Item Number and place a warehouse requisition for the items you are interested in

    Note that not all toners and parts are in the tech warehouse – if you can’t find the toner for your printer, please contact El at 6032 for assistance.

Here’s a 90 second tutorial showing the steps: