Acquiring Technology for Your Classroom

  • Do you have interest in acquiring a new piece of technology for your classroom?

    General process for technology acquisition

    While every building works differently, your conversation should start with your building principal (or delegate).  Your principal is likely the one with responsibility for paying for technology. Take your request to him or her, describing what technology you would like to add to your classroom and how you plan to use that technology to enhance the educational environment. Each building has a fixed budget for general operations as well as an annual technology budget for refreshing aging computers and putting new technology in place.

    These rough steps will help you start good conversations with the leaders in your building:

    1. Identify the technology you would like to have.
    2. Think about how you would like to use this technology – you will need to justify your request with your principal, so consider the instructional value of the technology you would like.
    3. Check to make sure the technology you are interested in is listed in the quotes in the Tech Warehouse. Your building administrative assistant can help you find the quotes. (See below if the technology you want is not listed there)
    4. With the price and your justification in hand, talk with your principal and describe why this is the right use of technology or general budget dollars.
    5. Your principal may have you work directly with the building technology committee and/or the technology coach.  This committee works with the principal to determine responsible spending of the technology budget for the building.
    6. Do not be discouraged if your principal does not have the money to fund your request – there are grants available for innovation. To read more about writing grants for technology, read the tech coach’s blog.

    What if I want to add a piece of technology that is not listed in the tech warehouse as supported technology?

    If you want a lower-cost item (like a digital camera), please consult with Tom Hering for a recommended model.  These items change in price and availability so rapidly that it is difficult to keep standing quotes.

    If you want to buy a new type of technology that has never been used in the district before…you may be an innovator!  We are excited that you want to add new technology to your classroom, but it is very important that the technology added can be supported.

    Please contact Tom Hering to discuss the technology in question.  The Information and Instructional Technology Division is constantly researching new technologies to add to the ecosystem (technology is an ever-evolving beast!). If you find a new piece of technology you’d like to add, let us know and we can form a discovery committee (to which you can definitely be a member).  Technology discovery committees are responsible for looking at a “classification” of technology and helping the district understand supportability, sustainability and importance of the new technology.

    What about “refurbs”?  What are they?  How do I get one?

    Refurbished computers (or “refurbs”) are used computers that have been cleaned, qualified and warrantied by a vendor.  They can offer significant savings over new computers while maintaining the peace of mind of a warranty.  If you are interested in a small number of refurbs, please check the tech warehouse.  For larger numbers of refurbs, please contact Tom Hering for a quote.