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All kids engaged in learning...for life tomorrow

  • "We, a unified, committed educational community, will provide a safe and respectful environment where students are accountable and responsible for 21st Century learning."

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  • Welcome to East Middle School!

    We are excited to be your partner in education for the 2020-21 school year. EMS has so much to offer its students, and it is our goal that all students attending here are able to build a meaningful connection with their school.

    We are excited about the new programs that are being developed at East to better serve the diverse group of students that walk through our doors daily. We are implementing Extended Curriculum Service (ECS) that will challenge eligible students in Math and English. Our literacy program will be focusing on helping students generalize the strategies and apply them into their core classes. Our math program is expanding to better meet the needs of the students at East by redesigning the supports available to our students.

    We are excited about working on the climate and culture here at East. Our main focus throughout the year will be with staff, students, parents, and community members coming together to make EMS an even better place to learn. It is our hope that you will participate in these focus groups to help make East the standout middle school in the state, region, and country.

    Again, we are excited that you will be with us during this next school year. It is time to put on our green colors every day and to display our RAM Pride throughout the school and community. It is time to support one another both educationally and emotionally. It is time to set forth a direction for EMS that is beyond compare. It is time to be a RAM FAMILY.

    We look forward to meeting and developing relationships with each of you throughout the year.


    Brad Barringer Steve Yates Durbin Watson