Home Schooled and Private School Student


    Great Falls Public Schools welcomes secondary students to customize their learning experiences using district resources. Homeschool students and private school students alike in grades 7-12  are invited to pick and choose from the many GFPS offerings to create their own unique program of study.

    Beckie Frisbee, Coordinator of Curriculum and Assessment 7-12, is happy to help home-schooled and private school students and their families access GFPS resources. Don’t hesitate to call or email questions or to schedule an appointment (406-268-6761 or beckie_frisbee@gfps.k12.mt.us ).

    In order to take advantage of GFPS resources at no cost, the student must reside within the GFPS district boundaries. Students who live outside the GFPS boundaries would set up a tuition agreement with the GFPS before enrollment.

    It is necessary for GFPS to receive state funding in order to serve students, whether they are full-time students or part-time students. The funding formula in Montana considers a student who is in class for one hour per day a quartertime student and therefore one whose attendance generates partial state funding.

    Since our secondary schools have periods that are less than one hour, a student would need to take two courses to be considered a quarter-time student. Those two courses could both be taken in person or one could be taken in person and one could be taken online.  

    In order to take advantage of anything GFPS has to offer (including online learning with Montana Digital Academy), a parent must fill out GFPS enrollment paperwork. Completed paperwork along with proof of immunizations or a notarized religious exemption may be mailed, delivered, or scanned/sent to Beckie Frisbee (GFPS 1100 4th Street South/59405 or 406-268-6761 or beckie_frisbee@gfps.k12.mt.us).


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