• Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drug Policies

    Disciplinary action may be taken against any students who possess, use, sell, buy, give or are under the influence of drugs, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, tobacco innovations, intoxicants, or any substance defined by law as a controlled substance or dangerous drug.  These policies also apply to students who possess alcohol, drug paraphernalia and/or cigarette innovations.  Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to:

    • In School Suspension / Out of School Suspension
    • Suspension from extra and co-curricular activities
    • Completion of a district approved alcohol/chemical/tobacco use awareness program

    For more complete details, please reference GFPS Board Policy 3310 or the GFHS Complete Student Handbook.  Additionally, please see the District’s Student Handbook at regarding “self-reporting” and Due Process provisions.