• Sexual Harassment

    Simply stated, sexual harassment is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature. This can be verbal, nonverbal, or physical.
    It is the expressed intent of Great Falls High School Administration and staff to protect any student, teacher, or staff member from being subject to any form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in any form is against our standards for behavior, against Great Falls Public School Board Policy, and AGAINST THE LAW.
    To report sexual harassment, contact a Teacher, a Counselor, or an Administrator. If the student is not sure if another person’s behavior is harassment, he/she shall ask one of the above mentioned professionals. The Building Title IX Coordinator (Brian Held, Associate Principal) will be informed of the activity and may assist in resolving the situation. STUDENTS ARE ADVISED NOT TO IGNORE THE PROBLEM IN HOPES THAT IT WILL GO AWAY.

    : Any parent or legal guardian and student who is aggrieved by the decision of the school administration and building level Title IX director shall have the right to appeal any administrative decision to the district level Title IX director, Mr. Dale Lambert (268-6777).