• Parking

    Great Falls High School offers students the privilege of free parking, with a permit, on campus. There are four lots reserved for student parking (the upper lot is for seniors only, with the exception of designated faculty, handicapped and visitor parking). Part of the lower Fieldhouse parking lot is available to students; there are signs designating student and faculty, as well as visitor only sections of this lot. We also have a lot on 2nd avenue. (This is an overflow lot with designated faculty and handicap spots). The speed limit in parking lots is 10 mph, and vehicles must travel in the direction indicated by the arrows and the alignment of the parking spaces. There are parking and driving guidelines that must be followed. Students must park in the proper manner, obey all driving rules and regulations, and remember to lock their vehicles when leaving them in the lot. Parking at school is at students’ own risk. The School District assumes no liability for accidents, damage, vandalism or loss of property. Students must register their vehicles with the Finance Office. Students must display their free Great Falls High parking permit on the passenger’s side lower right hand corner of the windshield. A “good faith” agreement that reinforces neighborhood expectations must be signed before students are given their free parking pass.