• Lockers

    Students are assigned their own lockers for the year, during their freshman year.  Lockers will be assigned, upon their request (made through the Advisement Center) during their Sophomore through Senior years. Lockers should be kept locked at all times. Combinations are given only to the person assigned in that locker; it is the student’s responsibility not to reveal the combination to other students. Students are to use only the locker assigned to them.  Lockers are provided free of charge for students’ convenience but remain the property of the school. Students are responsible for taking care of their lockers. Loss of locker privileges and/or fines will be assessed for physical damage, defacing of lockers, and sharing lockers or combinations. Students jamming or “fixing” their lockers to automatically open are subject to damage fines. Each locker is equipped with a combination lock; students are not to place their own locks on lockers.

    ​PE lockers are assigned individually by the PE department with individual combination locks and are provided free of charge. It is expected that students treat these lockers in the same manner as their regular lockers to provide security for their personal belongings. If a student finds that his or her PE locker is broken or otherwise defective, it is his or her responsibility to alert a PE teacher to get a new locker. Just as with all lockers, the Administration reserves the right to inspect these lockers periodically to ensure the safety of other students.


    For obvious reasons, there are no surveillance cameras in the locker rooms. If a student chooses NOT to use the locker he or she has been issued, even when leaving items unattended for a SHORT TIME, it is unreasonable to expect the SRO or the school administration to conduct a time-consuming investigation to recover lost items. There are dozens of students in and out of the locker rooms each and every period, so viewing video of the doors of the locker room is a futile effort, especially if the lost item is small enough to fit in a pocket. If a student has an item in the locker room that is too big for his or her locker, he or she must alert a teacher so it can be stored in a secure location.