• Drivers Education

    Driver Education classes occur multiple times a year, after regular school hour. They are also offered during the summer.  Sign-up information is available from the District Office.  Students who are or will be fourteen and one half (14.5) years old or older are eligible to enroll in the Traffic Education Program.  Students are scheduled by grade, with priority given to seniors, followed in order by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  Middle school students, going into their 9th grade year, are allowed to enroll in the summer session (after school in May/June/July)If there is enough space, they may also sign up for driver’s education during the school year.

    There is a fee for this program, payable upon registration.  The purpose of the program is to introduce students to a course of study that leads to eventual development of skills appropriate for a licensed driver.  The traffic education program is designed to meet the criteria established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  These criteria include requirements for instructional time, instructor certification, recommendations for course of study and reimbursement procedures. 

    Attendance at school each day is required in order to attend Driver Education Class on that day. That is, if a student is not in school on a given day, that student is not allowed to participate in Driver’s Education that day unless the absence is a school related absence or with administrative permission. Repeated truancies during the school year may result in withdrawal from Driver’s Education class or revocation for a driver’s license, with no refund available.  Great Falls Public Schools does not accept transfers into our program from another program.