• Cell Phones

    Cell phones may be used in the common areas of the building between classes and at lunch time. Cell phones may be used during open periods in the commons and breezeways only.  Parents are asked not to phone the student’s cell phone during school hours.

    Cell phones should not be used, seen, or heard during classes (except for class purposes at the teacher’s discretion).

    AT NO TIME is a student allowed to use a cell phone or other electronic device with video capabilities in any locker room, restroom, or other location where such operation will violate the privacy right of another person or interfere with the instructional process.

    Unauthorized use may result in confiscation of the device by school staff and may result in disciplinary consequences. Confiscated devices will be returned to the parent of the student or to the student personally at the discretion of an Administrator.

    All electronic devices, including cell phones, may be searched for information as needed pursuant to School Board Policy 3231; and 3226 (Bullying).

    Student use of a cell phone or other electronic device with the intent to threaten, intimidate, or harass another student will be considered a serious offense with disciplinary consequences. In addition, this activity falls under the Privacy in Communications Act (MCA 45-8-213) and will be referred to the SRO. In short, this activity will not be tolerated.