High School Music

  • We have two of the finest high school music departments in the region, both with storied histories of outstanding ensembles and amazing musicians. We continue to build on the accomplishments of the past with our music programs as we reach more and more students and explore new possibilities of music making with them

C.M. Russell High School Music Faculty


    • Christopher Kloker 268.6121 Bands
    • ​Logan Kropp 268.6120 Choirs and Guitar
    • Steve Olson 268.6118 Orchestras and Music Theory
    • Lynn Ryan 268.6119 Choirs

Great Falls High School Music Faculty

    • Ruth Johnson 268.6372 Orchestras
    • James Mepham 268.6371 Bands
    • Patrick Ryan 268.6370 Choirs
    • Jordan Spicher 268.6372 Choirs and Guitar

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