Technology Committees 2022-2023

  • Purpose: 

    The Informational Technology (IT) Department hosts two teams of District staff who help provide classroom insight, training and support on the various software and hardware issues in the district.  The teams are used as liaisons between the IT department and the classroom and for training building staff while computer technicians handle infrastructure, networking, hardware and software installation, and troubleshooting. The teams are the Technology Plan Team and the IXL/Typing Pal Training Team.

    The Technology Plan Team will meet as needed in an advisory capacity to inform the development, revisement, and administration of the District's Technology Plan. In addition to the administrative members and other key District leadership, the team is comprised of teachers and support staff who volunteer or are building-appointed. This diverse group is to ensure a well-rounded view of all components of technology and its implementation within the District.

    The IXL/Typing Pal Training Team meets on an annual and as-needed basis and support elementary building staff with the implementation of these two programs. The members are appointed by the building-level principal(s) or district office supervisors and superintendents.

    Tom Hering - IT Director, Charlene Ammons - Elem Tech Coach, and Jana Mora - Sec Tech Coach

    Meeting Frequency:
    As needed
    Usual Meeting Place:
    District Office Building
    Meeting Dates and Times:

Technology Plan Team

Tech Plan Members Location Room Phone #
Jackie Mainwaring DOB Executive Director 268-6006
Heather Hoyer DOB Executive Director 268-6008
Tom Hering DOB IT Director 268-6068
Tara Rosipal NMS Principal 268-6530
Dannelle Aklestad Dyke VV Principal 268-7155
Ty Moore LN Principal 268-6803
Patrick Douglas LR Techs 268-7393
Rachel Cutler DOB Curriculum & Assessment 268-6037
Beckie Frisbee DOB Curriculum & Assessment 268-6761
Jen Creed PGEC Occupational Therapist 268-6668
Tiffani Fox-Sunchild GFH Speech & Language 268-6398
Chris Mee DOB Data Center 268-6072
Jana Mora GFH 120 268-6031
Charlene Ammons DOB Instructional Coach 268-6023
Becky Anderson CMR Admin Asst 268-6142
Hoppy Hopkins GFH Library 268-6305

IXL/Typing Pal Team

Building Trainer Location Phone Number
Amy Martin Chief Joseph 268-6696
Nathan Hicks Chief Joseph 268-6699
Margot Schneider Giant Springs 268-7072
Wynn Davis Giant Springs 268-7064
Arienne Konesky Lewis & Clark 268-6715
Brittany Hopkins Lewis & Clark 268-6709
Brooke Knowles Lincoln 268-6806
Leslie Kynett Lincoln 268-6807
Stacy Barnes Longfellow 268-6857
Kyle Roberts Longfellow 268-6849
Sharman Ameline Loy 268-6920
Lexie Service Loy 268-6906
Anne Stevenson Meadow Lark 268-7275
Lacey George Meadow Lark 268-6691
Todd Ondick Morningside 268-6978
Leia Lins Morningside 268-6982
Stephanie Miller Mountain View 268-7308
Bailey Brawley Mountain View 268-7326
Callie Ross Riverview 268-7031
Patrick Jewell Riverview 268-7037
Kayla Grossman Sacajawea 268-7095
Erin Evenhus Sacajawea 268-7106
Cathy Allen Sunnyside 268-7143
Brittany Shipman Sunnyside 268-
Kirstin Swartz Valley View 268-7172
Anna Geary Valley View 268-7173
Kristin DeHaan West 268-7204
Jessica Witherite West 268-7193
Julie Radonich Whittier 268-7235
Cara Dunn Whittier 268-7246
Charlene Ammons DOB 268-6023