Labor Management Communications Committee 2022-2023

  • Purpose: 

    To provide a forum where labor and management can work to establish and maintain good labor relations and a productive atmosphere.


    Luke Diekhans, Human Resources Director
    Meeting Frequency:
    Usual Meeting Place:
    District Office Building
    Meeting Dates and Times: 
    TBD  7:30 a.m.

    Committee Members: 

    Name Position
      Elementary Principal
    Brent Cutler Asst. Buildings/Grounds
    Brian Patrick Director of Business Operations
    Scott Watson Carpenter
    John Hasner Warehouseman
    Darren Brown Groundsman
      1st Engineer
    Tom Hering Director of Information Technology
      Board Member
    Jessa Youngers Supr. Food Service/Warehouse
    Stephanie Bautista Assist. Food Services
    Julie Shotnokoff Transportation/Safety
    Paul Culbertson HS Assoc. Principal
    Brent Cutler Supr. Buildings & Grounds
    Jim Stone Food Service and Warehouse Unions
    Mario Martinez Carpenters Union
    Jeff Stark Painters Union
    Jack McBroom Electricians Union
    Tim Schrapps Plumbers and Pipefitters Union