English Learners, EL Committee 2021-2022

  • Purpose: 

    To ensure success of English Language Learners by:

    • Gaining and sharing knowledge, skills and strategies for effective teaching of ELs
    • Communicating with and training building level staff
    • Supporting ELs’ teachers and families to meet the unique educational needs of ELs.

    Lance Boyd, Director of Student Services; Irina Mills, EL (English Learner) Teacher
    Meeting Frequency:
    First Tuesday of Each Month
    Usual Meeting Place:
    GFPS District Office Building
    Meeting Dates and Times:
    First or Second Tuesday of Each Month
    3:45 – 4:30 p.m.
    Committee Members: 
    Full Name Building
    Desiree Holder Chief Joseph
    Heidi Stubbs Lewis and Clark
    Terri Gordillo Lincoln
    Tammy Pospisil Longfellow
    Kara Greenwell/Montana Johnson Loy
    Suzanne Kaul Meadow Lark
    Nikea Miller Morningside
    Stephanie Miller Mountain View
    Nikki Ritland Riverview
    Riki Johnson Giant Springs
    Mariela Rivera-Cota Sacajawea
    Ralee Thornton Sunnyside
    Kandi Rasmussen Valley View
    Kari Rosenleaf West
    Cara Dunn Whittier
    Kayte Howell/Adrienne Culliton/Nicole Heintzelman East Middle School
    Tara Bahmiller North Middle School
    Jamie Williams/Kylan Halett/Durbin Watson CMR
    Jana Mora/Mary Dea/Tamera O'Neill GFH
    TBD Paris Gibson Education Center
    Katya Marandino Irish ABLE
    Christine Hinkle ELF Center
    Lindy Scally Our Lady of Lourdes/ Holy Spirit
    Dugan Coburn Director of Indian Education
    Lance Boyd Director of Student Services
    Carol Paul Student Services Coordinator
    Lori Edwards EL Teacher