District Leadership Committee 2020-2021

  • Purpose:

    To collectively assemble the District’s leaders for a variety of purposes to include:

    • Disseminating information
    • Gathering input
    • Learning
    • Goal setting
    • Decision making
    • Etc.

    Tom Moore, Superintendent
    Meeting Frequency:
    Once per month
    No meetings in the months of July, September, and December.
    Usual Meeting Place:
    District Office Building
    Meeting Dates and Times:
    9:00 – 10:15 am on the following dates:

    Nov. 11, 2020
    Feb. 10, 2021
    Apr. 14, 2021
    June 9, 2021 (9:00 – 11:30 am)

    Committee Members:

    Nathan Achenbach
    Dannelle Aklestad Dyke
    Jason Bailey
    Brad Barringer
    Stephanie Bautista
    Lance Boyd
    Erin Butts
    Dugan Coburn
    Dave Crum
    Paul Culbertson
    Brent Cutler
    Rachel Cutler
    Kerry Dattilo
    Kim DeFries
    Luke Diekhans
    Colette Getten
    Shannon Guilfoyle
    Geff Habel
    Shaun Hammatt
    Ryan Hart
    Brian Held
    Mike Henneberg
    Tom Hering
    Tammie Hickey
    Heather Hoyer
    Bobby Ingalls
    Jackie Mainwaring
    Jennifer Martyn
    Jamie McGraw
    Dusty Molyneaux
    Tom Moore
    Ty Moore
    Becky Nelson
    Tamara O’Neill
    Kerry Parsons
    Brian Patrick
    Carol Paul
    Susan Quinn
    Anita Ranieri
    Kim Ray
    Tara Rosipal
    Julie Shotnokoff
    Stephanie Schnider
    Corri Smith
    Rae Smith
    Paul Soldano
    Teresa Sprague
    Lyndsey Stulc
    Drew Uecker
    Ruth Uecker
    Lisa VonBergan
    Steve Yates
    Jessa Youngers
    Rhonda Zobrak