Curriculum Committees 2021-2022

  • Purpose:

    Continually monitor and adjust curriculum development, instructional practices, and learning expectations so that they evolve with research and futuristic outcomes to close the achievement gap and meet the broad range of our students’ learning needs and aspirations.” The purpose of these various district curriculum committees is to ensure that the GFPS Long Range Goal is met while doing so in a legally defendable process as set by school board policies and required by state accreditation standards. For a more complete picture of all the requirements of policy and accreditation law and how GFPS fulfills these requirements, please see Click Here!

    Parents & Community Members!

    Are you interested in serving on a GFPS Curriculum Review Committee?

    The Great Falls Public School District is seeking parents and community members who are interested in serving on English Language Arts upcoming committees beginning in October of 2021.  

    The following dates are reserved for meeting times for the 2021-2022 school year:

    Elementary English Language Arts (ELA) Committee: November 22, December 13, January 10, January 27

    ANNOUNCEMENT, January 11, 2022

    Attention K-6 Classroom Teachers and Community Members:

    The GFPS English Language Arts resource selection committee has been hard at work these past few months. They have been looking at research, examining best practices in reading instruction, and evaluating reading materials available for purchase. 
    We are providing teachers and community members the opportunity to preview ELA materials being considered by the committee. You are invited to look at the materials and provide grade-specific feedback. 

    Materials are available for preview daily from 3:30-5:00 in the Evergreen conference room at the District Office Building. They will be on display from January 11th-January 26th. Feedback forms will be provided, and staff will be available to answer questions.

    Secondary English Language Arts (ELA) Committee:  October 26, November 30, January 27, February 24, March 29, and April 28

    Anyone interested in serving on this committee is encouraged to fill-out and submit the application through the link below. All applications or questions regarding the committee and obligations of committee members are to be directed to the GFPS Curriculum Office at 268-6020.

    GFPS Curriculum Committee Community Member Application


    Rachel Cutler and Beckie Frisbee

    Meeting Frequency:

    Varies by committee. We typically have 3 or 4 different committees running throughout the school year. Most committees try to meet at least three times per semester until the review process and adoption have been completed.

    Usual Meeting Place:

    GFPS District Offices

    Meeting Dates and Times:

    All committee work happens during the school day.

    Committee Members:

     Our committees consist of teachers, administrators, board members and community members.

    Community   Heidi Schlosser
    Community   Elizabeth Hill
    ELEM CJ Nathan Hicks
    ELEM DIST Amanda McCarvel
    ELEM DIST Amber Rausch
    ELEM DIST Charlene Ammons
    ELEM DIST Jacinda Huscher
    ELEM DIST Kelsey Bandow
    ELEM DIST Marni Napierala
    ELEM DIST Miranda Murray
    ELEM DIST Rachel Cutler
    ELEM DIST Sasha Moore
    ELEM DIST Shannon Taylor
    ELEM GS Elaine Nutter
    ELEM LC Rachael Kelley
    ELEM LF Bailey Skawinski Miller
    ELEM LN Brooke Knowles
    ELEM LN Rhonda Zobrak
    ELEM LY Lexie Service
    ELEM ML Stevie McNamee
    ELEM MS Caressa Hewitt
    ELEM MS Trish Herring
    ELEM MV Jennifer Martyn
    ELEM MV Nikki Shellenberger
    ELEM RV Ryan Faulk
    ELEM SC Debbie Hartman
    ELEM SC Rae Smith
    ELEM SS Ashley Munden
    ELEM VV Jessica Douglas
    ELEM WH Joelle Lundy
    ELEM WT Jessica Witherite
    HS CMR Danielle Hogan
    HS CMR Holly Ingman
    HS CMR Jamie Williams
    HS CMR Jeremy Comstock
    HS CMR Ryan Anderson
    HS CMR Steve Hurin
    HS GFHS Anne Schmidt
    HS GFHS Dakota Rosales
    HS GFHS Dawn O'Leary
    HS GFHS Jana Mora
    HS GFHS Joan Dailey
    HS GFHS Mary Dea
    HS GFHS Tami O'Neill
    HS PGEC Cindy Duffy
    HS PGEC Jordan Lankford
    HS/MS DIST Beckie Frisbee
    MS EMS Adrienne Culliton
    MS EMS Giordano Lahaderne
    MS EMS Jenn Newman
    MS EMS Kayte Howell
    MS EMS Keth Davey
    MS NMS Anita Ranieri
    MS NMS Holly Morris
    MS NMS Darcy Kuntz
    MS NMS Kandi Patton
    MS NMS Kasi Thompson
    MS NMS Tara Bahmiller
    School Board
      Kim Skornogoski
    School Board
      Bill Bronson

    If you would like more information about any committee and/or are interested in becoming a member, please contact:

    Rachel Cutler or Beckie Frisbee
    Coordinators of Curriculum, Implementation, Instruction and Assessment
    268-6037 or 268-6761

    Other Information: 

    These content specific committees are responsible for the review, revisions, preview, and recommendations to the superintendent for adoption of any new curriculum, textbooks, resources, and course offerings. The work by these committees also sets the direction for the resulting implementation and assessment committees that will form as a result of the formal adoption by the GFPS Board of Trustees.