Calendar Committee-2023-2024

  • Purpose: 

    To recommend a school calendar to the Board to include: dates for opening and closing classes, the length and dates of vacation, and the days designated as legal school holidays. The school calendar shall have a minimum of one hundred eighty (180) days of pupil instruction. In addition, seven (7) pupil instruction-related days may be scheduled for the purposes of:

    1. Transitional Kindergarten staff orientation (not to exceed two [2] days)
    2. Staff in-service training programs
    3. Parent/teacher conferences


    2023 – 2024 Agenda:
    To make a recommendation to the Board for the 2025-2026 school year.

    Luke Diekhans, Human Resources Director
    Meeting Frequency:
    Usual Meeting Place: 
    District Office Building
    Meeting Dates and Times
    • TBD
    Committee Members: 

    Luke Diekhans – Chair
    Katie Allen
    Darren Brown
    Paul Culbertson
    Brent Cutler
    Erika Hagel
    Ev Hall
    Mike Henneberg
    Heather Hoyer
    Jim Kelly
    Jackie Mainwaring
    Deidre Martinko
    Amanda McCarvel
    Jamie McGraw
    Shannon McKiernan
    Dusty Molyneaux
    Tom Moore
    Dawn O’Leary
    Susan Quinn
    Kim Marzolf
    Kim Skornogoski
    Heather Spurzem
    Jim Stone
    Marlee Sunchild
    Pat Volkmar
    Jessa Youngers

    Other Information: 

    The Calendar Committee carefully considers these factors when setting forth calendar options:

    • Start of school year conducive to family and staff schedules (summer work, summer school, etc.)
    • End of school year conducive to family and staff schedules
    • Quarters (45 days), semesters (90 days)
    • ITBS and CRT tests (March & April)
    • Athletic seasons and schedules
    • Other student activity schedules
    • Limiting the number of less than full weeks as attendance and work completion can be affected
    • Graduation—families like it on Memorial Day weekend so relatives can travel
    • Holidays & Breaks—consider frequency, disruptiveness, stress level relief, etc.
    • Usual holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day
    • A limited number of families are able to take advantage of long breaks for vacations. Vacations can actually be a burden on families due to daycare issues.
    • Long breaks can be difficult for low-income students as school is often where they receive 2 meals per day and have consistency in schedules.
    • PIR Days (7 total per OPI):
      • Start of Year Preparations (traditionally 2 days)
      • MEA – October—2 days
      • Parent Teacher Conferences – Fall and Spring
      • 1 District-Directed PIR