• Boys Basketball

    The boys' basketball season will run from Tuesday October 24th-December 20th .
    Teams will NOT have practices/games from November 22-26th for Thanksgiving Break.


    All practices are at North Middle School on weekdays. On game days, no practices take place in the afternoon. Game schedules will be finalized and posted no later than Friday November 3rd. 

    6:30am-7:30am:  8A Steve Grady, 8A Jim Frahm, 7A Mike Lins

    3:15-4:15pm:  7A Jolee Pace, 8A Will Sterling, 7A Dale Taylor 

    4:15-5:15pm:  7B Julie Cisler, 8B Rico Pace, 8B Michael Jarrett

    5:15-6:15pm:  7B Eryn Frahm, 8B David Leitz, 7B Karen Jackson

    6:15-7:15pm:  7B Courtnee Grubb, 8B Jayson Ingalls, 7B Randi Rains

    Wednesday alternate practice schedule (assists kids in church groups)

    2:30-3:30pm 7B Julie Cisler, 8A Will Sterling, 8B Jayson Ingalls

    3:30-4:30pm 7A Jolee Pace, 8B Michael Jarrett, 7A Dale Taylor

    4:30-5:30pm 8B David Leitz, 7B Karen Jackson, 8B Rico Pace

    5:30-6:30pm 7B Eryn Frahm, 7B Courtnee Grubb, 7B Randi Rains

  • Dragonfly Max 


    This is used to collect athletic participation forms. Sign up to create an account to link your student to the school. 


    Dragonfly Video

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