Whom We Serve

  • The Great Falls Career & College Readiness Center serves adults (age 16 and older) who are interested in receiving assistance, at no cost, on their Path to Higher Education, Path to Employment, Path to Citizenship, or Path to High School Equivalency.
    Through collaborative partnerships, our CCRC team and certified instructors are able to support individuals in various age ranges, skill levels, and backgrounds by connecting education to their goals. The diversity of who we serve is wide and the financial incentives for individuals to access us are many.

    • Between 400 and 500 individuals are served July 1st and June 30th every year.
    • Our largest age range we work with are between 25 – 44 years old.
    • Over 50% of our population already have a high school diploma or their high school equivalency when they enter our program.
    • We can serve age 16 & 17. However, they CANNOT be enrolled in a secondary institution, must have an official letter of withdraw from last attended school, and must meet with our counselor to make sure they know all of their education options.
    • All enrolled students are required to attend an orientation and take the Test of Adult Basic Education at no cost to determine initial academic skill levels in reading, writing, and math.

    No-cost benefits:

    • College Prep Writing and Math
    • College credits (up to 6 under GFCMSU PLA Policy through Connections 101)
    • College Placement Exam Preparation and Testing
    • OSHA Certification through Connections 101
    • Work Ethic Certification
    • Work-Based learning & Job Shadow Opportunities
    • Job Readiness
    • HiSET Preparation
    • Academic Skill Building in adult education & literacy
    • Citizenship, Naturalization Process, and ELA skill building
    • Vets Upward Bound Services

     Reduced-cost benefits:

    • 50% off tuition and fees for 100-level and above classes at GFCMSU through the Paired Pathways, Co-Enrollment Opportunity
    • 60% savings for Certified Nursing Assistant fees (CCRC students pay only $300)
    • Other Scholarship Opportunities

     The Career & College Readiness program is free to access. The only thing it will cost you is your time, commitment, and persistence in order to accomplish your goals!  We can’t wait to work with you!