Learning is a Process That Leads to Change

  • rebridge2 The Great Falls Career & College Readiness Center (CCRC) provides a transitional place to assist adults with exploring and defining what their path may be. We provide, at no-cost, a bridge that connects education to each person's individual goals. 

    Many students coming into our program have had negative experiences in educational settings and lack the belief in themselves to change the narrative of their story. We challenge our students to develop new perspectives about themselves and their learning.  We help them make sense of their world as it is and as they are right at that moment. We build their confidence through transformational learning and increase their academic skill level with supportive learning communities guided by our certified instructors to assist students on their:

    Path to Higher Education                    
    Path to Citizenship
    Path to High School Equivalency
    Path to Employment                              
    How we are Funded
    Meet the Magical CCRC Team
    HiSET Testing
    Who we Serve
    Celebration of Success/Graduation