• Drama

    Introduction to Theatre

    Length of Class: Year *
    Prerequisite: None
    Grade Level(s): 9, 10

    This course offers students a broad overview of theatre including an introduction to basic dramatic skills as well as the various facets of theatre. The student will be introduced to theatre vocabulary, dramatic literature, theatre history, movement, voice and diction, script work, play production, basic acting techniques, ensemble work, performance evaluation, and careers in theatre.
    *Students may join class at semester if there is room.

    Intermediate Theatre

    Length of Class: Year
    Prerequisite: Intro to Theatre
    Grade Level(s): 10, 11

    This course expands upon the concepts introduced in Intro to Theatre, and focuses more deeply on auditioning and developing skills for success in theater-centered career paths. Students learn performance skills for auditioning and develop deep understanding of characterization, voice acting, physicality and facial expression. Technical theater skills and knowledge surrounding makeup and costuming, scenic design, sound and lighting design and publicity and promotions will also be explored. This is a project and performance-based course that requires both individual and group projects/performances.

    Advanced Theatre

    Length of Class: Year (may be repeated)
    Prerequisite: Intro to Theatre, Intermediate
    Grade Level(s): 11, 12

    Requires prior consent of instructor. Both Intro & Intermediate courses must be completed before enrolling in Advanced Theatre. This is an in-depth course, which requires students to use their performing and technical knowledge from prerequisite courses to read, evaluate, produce and present a full-length stage production. Students in the course will (with instructor support & guidance) be responsible for all elements of their show, and will rehearse and prepare the production during regular class time. After school and weekend preparations will be minimal. The finished production will be presented to an audience so students have the unique experience to use their theater knowledge and skills in a hands-on, real world stage production experience. This is a performance-based course in which students are graded on their ability to set and achieve regular goals throughout the production process.

    Stagecraft Tech (Career Tech or Fine Art credit)

    Length of Class: Year (may be repeated)
    Prerequisite: None
    Grade Level(s) 9, 10, 11, 12

    This course is open to all students interested in developing an understanding of technical skills and procedures related to stage production: set design and construction, lighting operations, sound design and fly system operations. This course is also combined with Theater Appreciation, where students are introduced to a brief history of backstage presentation and the dozens of little-known careers tied to stage technology. Students will be introduced to key information related to these areas: tools, equipment and safety. All students will be required to train in proper operation and safety procedures. Each student will use real-world skills they learn to assist in the production of music, theater, speech and forum events taking place on the stage