• Early Childhood Ed school

    Early Learning Family Center located at Skyline Center

    Program Mission Statement

    Our mission is to ensure that all children enter kindergarten with the necessary social/emotional, physical, cognitive and communication skills for continued school success.


  • "Early childhood education programs of educational excellence."

    *GFPS used AARA funds (stimulus money),IDEA funds and a federal grant to open a public early education program. The goal of our program is to have every child begin kindergarten feeling confident alongside their peers, continue learning new skills, stay in school and graduate!

    *Currently, GFPS serves low income 4-year old children living in the areas of Loy, Longfellow, Whittier, West, Giant Springs and Sunnyside, Mountain View and Valley View Elementary Schools. It also serves 3-5 year old children identified through Part B IDEA - children who are identified as having a disability and receiving Special Education Services.

    GFPS strives to provide the highest quality early childhood education in a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment. Our program is designed to meet the physical, social/emotional, and intellectual needs of our students and their families.

    *Funding is provided by Montana Comprehensive Literacy Project, Exceptional Circumstances, Title I and IDEA resources. The program uses research-based curriculum resources that includes Opening the World of Learning and Language For Learning.

    *Goals of the program include:
    To develop age-appropriate social, physical, language, and literacy skills
    To nurture home-school-community relationships and involvement
    To provide a positive sense of self
    To encourage thinking, reasoning and questioning skills
    To demonstrate proper health, safety, and nutrition
    To respect gender, age and cultural diversity
    To promote growth of the whole child


Contact Us

  • 3300 3rd Street NE
    Great Falls, MT 59404
    Phone Number: 268-6400