Career and College Readiness Center

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Welcome to Great Falls Career and College Readiness Center

  • We are excited to welcome everyone to the 2020/2021 school year. Our incredible team can support you with building skills for college, obtaining your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, upskilling for career opportunities, obtaining a certification, and many other life changing goals!

    ​We are currently OPEN and are taking in new students! Please be advised, masks are required when in the college and CCRC area. We also ask that you "gel in" when you enter our area, sanitizer is at our door. We are following all health protocols and ask if you are sick, are awaiting Covid results, or were in close contact of a Covid positive individual, that you don't come in until you have been cleared by the CCHD, your doctor, or receive a negative test. 

    Step one to enrolling with CCRC, is to attend Orientation. Use this link to schedule your Orientation. 

    Once you are an enrolled student, if you'd like to attend in person classes, you MUST sign up to do so using this link. For the best opportunity to reaching your goals, we recommend a minimum of two (2) hours and a maximum of three (3) hours each time you come in. 

    Spring 2021 Connections has started. Email us to put your name on the list for the next session to begin fall 2021. This program will give you the skills and academic knowledge to prepare you for college, career, job placement, or job advancement. 

    Offered in partnership between the Career & College Readiness Program, Great Falls College MSU and Department of Labor and Industry (Job Service).  This no-cost program will prepare you academically, provide OSHA certification, offers 6 college credits for free, gives financial assistance if you continue with your college degree, covers work ethic proficiency, and will guide you through career exploration to align with your purpose, plan, and path!​

    HiSET testing is open and tests need to be scheduled and paid for online through the ETS website. All tests are conducted at the college, masks are required, and testing spots are limited to allow for social distancing.