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Principal's Message

  • Welcome to Lincoln Elementary. 

    Another calendar year is going by.  2021 was difficult, but we welcome 2022 with hope and excitment.  We have many things to celebrate and look forward to this year.  We will be finishing another very difficult year.  There have been so many trials these last two years, but we have seen so many reasons to celebrate.  

    Reasons to Celebrate:

    1. Kids are at school:  Kids are the reason we are here and doing the best and hardest profession around.

    2. Kids are learning:  Learning is happening all around us, in the classrooms, hallways, recess, and lunch rooms.

    3. Teachers are teaching:  Teachers are working harder than ever to get students what they need.  This includes love, understanding, safety, and education


    Please take some time this season to thank a Teacher, Student, Parent, and Friends.  Kindness is catching, so spread it around.  

    In our efforts to keep all kids and staff safe we are continuing to limit the amount of adults in the building.  Please call ahead if you need to drop anything off or meet with anyone.  


    Things to look forward to in the coming months at Lincoln:

    4th Grade Ski Trip

    3rd Grade Paris Gibson Museum

    5th Grade CM Russell Museum

    And so much more!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.

    With hope and kindness,

    Ty Moore, Principal 

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