Safety First



Safety First

The GFPS Belief Statement #4 says: All students and staff learn and work best in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. Safety and security is not something the District ever takes lightly. Given the complexity of a district our size, it is a serious and never-ending endeavor. It is also a responsibility of every single employee. Safety is not an event. Safety is a daily effort. To that end, please note the following:

  • At the beginning of each year, safety protocols are reviewed. Please take them seriously and do all you can to keep your students, your colleagues and yourself safe. Slowing down, asking for help, being aware and using safety equipment are absolutely essential.

  • Assume a protective mindset. Schools have been practicing lockdowns and evacuations these first few weeks of school and will continue to do so throughout the year. As you practice, work to develop your protective mindset. Think of the “what ifs” and make contingent plans in your head as you practice. I hope that you never have to use those plans, but in today’s world there is no guarantee.

  • Wear your name badges. This simple act clearly identifies who belongs in our schools and who doesn’t.

  • Review student safety information at this link: This same safety information is being sent home this week via mail (middle and high schools) and Wednesday Envelopes (elementary). Staff should be aware as well. Please review at the link above:

o Factors Considered for School Schedule Change Due to Weather

o School Disruptions Information

o School Disruptions Parent Letter

o Refrigerator Note

o Edulink Information

o Crisis Manager Information

  • Download the Crisis Manager App on your smartphone. Directions will be posted in Newsbits next week.

  • Promote and practice “Say Something.” If you see something that is not safe, say something to supervisor or administrator. As you talk to students, encourage them to say something to a trusted adult anytime and every time something is amiss.

A safe, secure and nurturing environment is essential, and so are the trusting relationships and organizational pride that serve to guarantee it. Thank you for practicing safety every single day and every single minute. Safety first is safety always.

Take care. Be Safe. Stay well.