On behalf of Great Falls Public Schools (GFPS), it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. We hope you will find our website a valuable resource.

At GFPS we have a vision: All kids engaged in learning today…for life tomorrow. This statement manifests in countless ways across the District as our exceptional staff cultivate a safe and nurturing environment for personalized 21st century learning. For example, our Early Childhood Learning Center provides opportunities for young learners to develop the foundations for future educational success. Another prime example of our vision coming to life is our Career and Technical Education programming. Not only are high school students engaged in learning the hard skills necessary for a career in healthcare, industrial arts, business, or family and consumer sciences, they are also discovering the soft skills required to be sought-after employees.

Our commitment to our vision reaches much further than these few examples, and I challenge you to learn more by exploring our website or by contacting me via email at superintendent [at] gfps [dot] k12 [dot] mt [dot] us or via phone at 406.268.6001.

At GFPS we strive to ensure our schools remain a source of pride for our community. We value community support and input as education is really a partnership involving community members, school personnel, and of course students and their families. I encourage you to become involved in our schools by being a volunteer, attending student events, or serving as a mentor for our students.

I invite you to return to this page often as I will be providing updates about important and exciting happenings as GFPS continues to strive towards our vision: All kids engaged in learning today…for life tomorrow.

Best Regards,

Tammy Lacey

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