Online Learning

Great Falls Public Schools provides a variety of learning experiences for students from classes that are taught completely online to courses that use a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.

GFPS Summer Virtual Academy

Each summer, the District offers from 8-10 courses online for for original credit. The courses range from freshman courses such as Health 1-2 to Senior Government. Incoming freshman (and even some soon-to-be 8th graders) are welcome to take courses.  Interested students should contact their middle-school or high-school counselors or click the link above for more information.


Montana Digital Academy (MTDA)

Great Falls Public Schools offers original credit for a variety of courses taught through the Montana Digital Academy. Only those courses that fulfill our local curricular requirements are approved for credit in our schools.  Contact any high school counselor or visit the MTDA site for information. MTDA has very rigid add and drop deadlines. Please click here to see a calendar (Find the calendar under the Program tab.)


MTDA Connect

MTDA Connect  is a credit recovery program made up of over 50 options for credit recovery. The program is designed to meet the needs of students who previously have been unsuccessful in completing or mastering the material for a class. The time it takes a student to complete an MTDA Connect credit recovery class will depend upon the individual student and the course material. MTDA Connect offers a unique online learning experience that combines Montana Digital Academy staff, academic area coaches from around the state and local school personnel who work with students in attaining their credit recovery goals. To see a list of classes offered by MTDA Connect, visit the MTDA site and pull down to Course Catalog under the Program tab. Scroll clear to the bottom of the course catalog for the MTDA Connect courses.


MTDA Multi Language Sampler (MLS)

In the Fall of 2011, Montana Digital Academy announced a new program designed to help middle-school students begin to experience world languages. Middle school is a time of exploration and discovery for students; and as they get closer to entering high school, they will be faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities designed to prepare them for their future choices. The Multi Language Sampler (MLS) is being offered as just such an opportunity for sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students to explore up to five different languages: Spanish, French, German, Latin and Mandarin Chinese prior to beginning high school. For more information, visit and type MLS into the search box.


GFPS Moodle Courses

Great Falls Public Schools is proud to offer teachers and students our own online learning platform: Moodle. Many of our middle-school and high-school instructors post information and offer assignments digitally in Moodle. If enough students enroll, the District also offers classes during the school year in an exclusively online format. In the past, Health Enhancement, Intro to Health Occupations, U.S. History and Montana Government Studies have been offered online. Contact the school counseling department if you are interested in taking online courses during the regular school year.