October 31, 2016
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Superintendent's Message


Feeling Good About Giving
November is almost here and I’m excited because it is one of my favorite months!  November will bring an end to the election (thank goodness), the start of important bond and facility processes (so excited), and of course, Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).  It’s my favorite because it allows me to pause and be grateful for all I have and for all I can give others.  It’s a holiday that makes me feel good in so many ways, but mostly because it allows me to give to my family and community in meaningful ways.
And this is the focus of our annual giving campaign that wraps up on November 4 as well.  It allows a special way to give to others.  It allows us to come together as an organization to make a difference yet again in our community.  It allows us to collectively celebrate all that we have and all that we can share. 
I know the forms changed this year.  I know that our process has changed a bit.  But what has not changed is the number of needs in our community.  In fact they are increasing.  This reality begs of us to do, in a different way, what we do every day…make a difference in Great Falls.  Thank you for taking the time to figure out the new forms; for turning it in to your school champion; for celebrating what we have and what we can share.
It doesn’t matter how much you pledge…every single dollar will be put to good use.  Thank you for making this final push to the final due date on November 4!  $55,000 is the goal!  We got this and it feels good!
Take care.  Be safe.  Stay well.

2016 Annual Giving Campaign

The GFPS Goal:

$55,000 by 50% of all employees giving!!

We can do this! 

Here’s why:


College Application Week, 2016



GFPS is participating in Montana’s statewide COLLEGEAPPLICATION WEEK
October 31-November 4!

Show off your favorite college:  WEAR your favorite college or university ATTIRE on
Friday, November 4.
The high schools have additional events planned but this is also a perfect opportunity for all grade levels to promote GRADUATION and the possibility of college attendance.
Feel free to promote College Application Week in other ways…
  • Put a poster on your class or office door… “I’m a proud graduate of____.  Ask me about it."
  • Change your Facebook Banner to your college logo for the week.
  • Create a bulletin board with a list of all the colleges staff members attended.
  • Etc.
To learn more about College Application Week, click here.

2016 Flu Shot Schedule

2016 Benefis Flu Shot Schedule

Great Falls Public Schools is again offering free flu shots for all employees and spouses of district employees.  (You do not have to carry insurance to be eligible for the free flu shot.) Please note the below listed dates and times.  Shots are not available for children at these times/dates.

Please RSVP to 268-6010.


Employee Wellness To Do List

Attention employees currently enrolled on the health plan with Great Falls Public Schools! 

Employees who are currently enrolled on the health plan and elected to participate in the 2016-2017 wellness program need to take two steps (by January 31, 2017) to continue to receive the wellness incentive.

1.    Complete a Health Risk Assessment.  You will need to have your blood pressure, total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol numbers ready so you can put them in when asked in order to complete the Health Risk Assessment. Instructions on how to complete your health risk assessment
2.    Complete a biometric screening or have your physician complete this Biometric Form    after your wellness exam.  If you have already had a wellness exam with your physician this calendar year, provide this Biometric Form to your physician to have them complete it and either email the form tooffsiteforms [at] interactivehealthinc [dot] com (offsiteforms [at] interactivehealthinc [dot] com), fax it to (410) 356‐6205 or mail it to Interactive Health, Attn: Alternative Means, 11409 Cronhill Drive, Suite M, Owings Mills, MD 21117. 

Biometric screenings are scheduled the week of January 11th.  Spouses are welcome to participate and receive a free biometric screening.  A full schedule and times will be provided soon.       

We take your privacy seriously.  Please read this information regarding how your private and personal health information is protected.  Privacy Statement           

Should you have any questions please contact the Human Resources Department at 268-6010. 


Direct Deposit Regulations

Beginning September 23, 2016 new NACHA regulations went into effect changing the way ACH (direct deposit) files are handled by financial institutions.  Due to these new regulations all direct deposits will be deposited on pay day, not the day prior.  Previously, you may have noticed your paycheck was direct deposited into your account the afternoon/evening before pay day.  We anticipate this will not be the case going forward.  You should expect your direct deposit in your account on pay day. 
If you have automatic payments coming from your bank account on payday we highly, highly encourage you to change the date to avoid any potential overdraft charges that could occur.  Your bank or credit union can assist with making these changes.
Please contact Payroll or HR should you have any questions.

Thank you for your attention.