November 13, 2017
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GFPS School Psychologist Wins Award


During School Psychology Awareness Week we want to acknowledge the efforts of school psychologists locally and across the state. The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has designated November 13–17, 2017 as National School Psychology Awareness Week. This year’s theme, “Power Up! Be a Positive Charge,” aims to highlight the many ways that individual actions—large and small—that make positive connections can spark positive change.

There are 147 certified school psychologists in Montana and we presently have a staff of 10 here in Great Falls as well as two school psychologists who currently hold other district level positions and one intern for a total of 13 school psychologists in the Student Services department.

We know that all children and youth learn best when they are healthy, supported, and receive an education that enables them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Children’s mental health is directly linked to their learning and development, and the learning environment provides an optimal context to promote good mental health through connectedness within the school and community.

School psychologists help children to thrive by nurturing their individual strengths across both personal and academic endeavors; and School psychologists are trained to assess student and school-based barriers to learning as well as individual strengths, utilize data-based decision-making, implement research-driven prevention and intervention strategies, and evaluate outcomes and improve accountability.

School psychology has over 60 years of well established, widely recognized, and highly effective practice and standards that are clearly articulated in NASP’s Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services; and School psychologists are specially trained to foster and deliver, in the school and community, a continuum of mental health services and academic supports that lower barriers to teaching and learning

We are happy to share in recognizing not only National School Psychology Awareness week but in honoring Jessica Carranza, a GFPS School Psychologist who received the 2017 Montana School Psychologist of the Year award at the Fall Conference of the Montana Association of School Psychologists that was held in October. Jessica has worked for Great Falls Public Schools for five years and her nominators shared that she embraces her role as a school psychologist with confidence. She develops trusting relationships with families while working with students and she collaborates with teachers in the classrooms on a regular basis to observe, develop academic and behavior plans, collect data and see how children are progressing.

Jessica has been involved with agencies outside the school district such as Headstart, Quality Life Concepts, STEM Expo, Children’s Receiving Home, Children’s Museum of Great Falls, YWCA, Cameron Family Center, Rescue Mission, and Junior League. She is on the executive council for the Montana Association of School Psychologists and is a member of the National Association of School Psychologists, and a member of Junior League International.

Her nominators also shared that Jessica is very dedicated, supportive of her colleagues, passionate about her field, and that she really cares about students and helping them grow academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. She does her job with a “whatever it takes” attitude, believing she can make a positive impact – a “Positive Charge” in her schools. 

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Password Policy - What is Changing?

                                           October 19, 2017

What Is Changing?

What: Implement a strong password policy
When: Effective November 15, 2017
Why: In order to protect confidential data and business operations, having a strong Information Security policy is required. There are many layers to Information Security and one of the most basic and best practices is a strong password policy. A strong password consists of:
  • complexity (3 of the 4 following criteria)
o   upper case
o   lower case
o   numbers
o   special characters
  • minimum length 8 characters
  • restricting reuse of old passwords (not last 3)
  • and periodic expiring and entering a new password annually
Who: All individuals (staff & students) who log into the GFPS domain and who have not changed or reset their password in the last year.
How: At end of day, November 14, 2017, the Data Center will set the new password policy. The next time an individual logs into the GFPS domain, the password will be evaluated to see if it has been changed or reset within the last 365 days. If not, the individual will be prompted to enter a new password using the rules listed above. If the password meets the policy rules, you will be asked to re-enter to confirm. Users must log into a Microsoft Windows pc or laptop to change their password. You cannot change your password on an iPad or Chromebook.
When changing your Active Directory password, the password will also automatically be changed for:
  • Email (and Webmail)
  • Google Drive
  • Office 365
  • Moodle
  • iVisions
  • SharePoint
  • Helpdesk
All other systems will NOT be affected by this password change, such as PowerSchool, SuccessMaker, Typing Pal, ThinkCentral, Mileposts, NWEA, AESOP, PIR eCentral, etc.

Generic logins for labs at the elementary level will not be affected by this policy.
Recommendations: The new password cannot contain any part of your name. A good practice is to use a phrase that you can easily remember, i.e. Ilike7up. Another option would be to take a word or phrase you can easily remember and replace e with 3, i with 1, o with 0, or s with 5 and then capitalize the first letter, i.e. Supportit = Supp0rt1t. A strong password is only as good as you keep it confidential. Under no circumstances should staff share their password. At the elementary level, it is permissible for students to share their password with their teacher but they should also be instructed not to share with other students.
New accounts: After November 14, 2017, all new accounts will have the following format – P******s where ****** is the same identifier we have always used.
Contacts: Tom Hering, Bob McGregor, IT Help Desk