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Communicating with the Board

To formally address the board, consider using the public comment time during one of the upcoming board meetings.

You can reach any individual trustee via their phone number listed under each picture.

You can alternatively reach the entire board by electronic mail at schoolboard [at] gfps [dot] k12 [dot] mt [dot] us. To maximize transparency and to facilitate the fastest possible response, your email will be automatically distributed to the District governance team including all trustees as well as the superintendent. Please include your name and phone number to help facilitate the most appropriate response. Note that any email sent to this email address may be subject to public inspection pursuant MCA 2-6-102.

Thank you for contacting the trustees and for your efforts to make Great Falls Public Schools the best it can be!

Meet the Board!

Jan Cahill (Chair)
Phone: (406) 899-1988
jcahill [at] mtsba [dot] org
Profession: School Administrator

Laura Vukasin (Vice-Chair)
Phone: (406) 799-8405/(406) 268-0404 
Profession: President and CEO Prairie Mountain Bank

Jeff Gray
Phone: (406) 452-2244
Profession: Retired

Ann Janikula
Phone: (406) 761-0383
Profession: Retired

Don Ryan
Phone: (406) 761-3261
Profession: Daycare Owner

Jason Brantley
Phone: (406) 868-4586
Profession: Pilot

Johnny Walker
Phone: (406) 781-2669
2010jwalker [at] gmail [dot] com
Profession: Self-Employed