About Us

  This is Great Falls Public Schools: A slide presentation of facts and information about GFPS

The District’s mission, vision and belief statements define the core values that shape the District’s direction and action.  Those can be found at:  http://www.gfps.k12.mt.us/content/mission
The Board sets forth the following goals and key results that it believes are of the highest priority for action in the upcoming school year and beyond.  These goals and key results do not describe everything the District is dedicated to accomplishing.  While not all programs and services are specifically addressed in these goals and key results, the District is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience that meets the needs of each student.
The Board, on behalf of the community, directs staff to actively align available resources towards these goals and towards those activities that enhance learning and deliver the best possible results for each student.

Student Achievement

   Goal: Increase student achievement for all students while closing the achievement gap.

  The Board is committed to ensuring that all students graduate and are college and/or career ready. Every school must improve teaching and learning with a focus on the Montana Content Standards (MCS). Our expectation is that every student will make at least one year of academic growth in each school year.

   Key Results:
o The District will develop clear goals for student learning and will focus instruction and assessment on the knowledge and essential skills required for college and/or career readiness.
o The District will provide educational opportunity through an instructional core and comprehensive programming.
o By 2016, the District will enhance and expand pre-school opportunities for three to five year olds emphasizing kindergarten readiness, in order to close the achievement gap.
o By 2018, the District will increase the graduation rate to 92%. The graduation rate is defined as the percentage of students who complete the requirements on-time with their cohort. By 2018, the District will increase the completion rate to 95%. The completion rate counts students who complete the high school graduation requirements of a school district, including early graduates, during the previous school year, or complete the high school graduation requirements of a school district at the end of summer prior to the current school year.
o In an ongoing manner, the District will enhance the use of modern technological applications to boost learning.
o By 2016, the District will study grade configurations and delivery models to ensure developmentally appropriate and best practice school configurations are applied.


Stewardship and Accountability

   Goal: Provide prudent stewardship and accountability of public resources to best support educational opportunity and student success.

  The Board is committed to directing District resources to providing educational opportunity through both an instructional core and comprehensive programming while maximizing operational efficiency and public accountability within a sustainable budget. The District must recognize a need for a 21st Century learning environment, changing student population with more diverse needs, uncertain revenue streams and escalating costs.

    Key Results:
o By 2015, the District will continue the board policy review process in order to provide a contemporary, integrated, and ongoing look at policies that govern the operations of the District.
o By 2015, the District will continue the annual budget setting process by implementing a sustainable, long-term budget strategy.
o In an ongoing manner, the District will provide opportunities for stakeholders to provide input.
o In an ongoing manner, the District will determine the needs required to address learning in the 21st century.


Healthy, Safe and Secure Schools

   Goal: The District will provide all students a healthy, safe, and secure school environment in which to learn

  The Board recognizes its responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of all students within the District. The Board is committed to ensuring that plans and supporting resources are available to carry out this important responsibility.

   Key Results:
o By 2016, enhance the Board-adopted District Safety Plan.
o In an ongoing manner, the District will explore opportunities to enhance the health and welfare of all students.
o By 2016, investigate best practices to ensure the safety of students and staff as they support the learning of students with mental illness, autism, oppositional defiant disorder, drug and alcohol addictions, etc.
o By spring 2016, develop a plan to update facilities given enrollment, infrastructure, safety, technology and modern educational needs to ensure that our school buildings are viable educational institutions for many years to come.