National Library of Manipulatives


Geogrebra—awesome software, similar to geometer’s sketchpad but with algebra.


Beginning to Intermediate grades.

Games, worksheets, flashcards (squareroots, +-x, geometry, time


Beginning to Intermediate grades, students can do a lesson, enter their name and print their results for the teacher


Ask Dr. Math: elementary through college-level math. Can’t find the answer on the site? Submit a question.



Puzzles, games, logic and illusions— warning: some are trick questions


Brain teaser of the week. Answer given the following week. Grades 3-8 (use clickers on this one with hints)


Flashcards, drills but a bit difficult to navigate—intermediate and elementary


Algebra and geometry problem solving



Fruit game—similar to the game used by Marilyn Burns, but in this one you want to get the last piece!


Funbrain—for elementary



Good drill but watch the ads—don’t be lured in to click on one.



Harcourt math—grades K-8



Has lessons and then practice


Math in daily life game: casinos, saving, loans—high school


Elementary/intermediate story problems


Ages 3-12 math games


grades 1-3 free; rest is subscription only


tech challenge of the week


online math mentoring application for low income, high achieving math students



Want to participate in an online class for teachers of grades 3-5? Paid for by Microsoft



Learn about the stock market, investing, saving. Elementary through high school


Algebra help



Algebra lab





Graphing calculator



Manuals/tutorials for calculators


math videos



Lesson plans—discovery education



Math websites page



middle school math project





Powerpoints, factor trees, decimal division, circle proofs




Math counts problem of the week


Links, including the history of math


more math links