Virtual Field trips

No money to go on trips? Do you fear all of the planning , bus arrangements and liability?

Why not consider a virtual trip? The 'net has many resources with already created treks into the world wide web and also tips on how to create your own trip.

Why not consider getting your grade level or department together and work on a collaborative trip to be used by all within the grade, department or even across schools?

Check out the below sites for ideas.

Utah Education Network

Want to take students to see fine arts masterpieces from around the world? How about learn about mimetic theory, hear a trumpet, or visit a violin-maker's shop? All of these wonderful experiences are available from the Utah Education Network's catalog of virtual field trips.

This site offers hundreds of trips in the following categories:  Career/Technical Ed, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Health and PE. Language Arts, Library Media, Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Technology, Professional Development, Online Tutorials and other areas.

Apple Learning Interchange: Digital Learning Events

Apple offers date-specific topics such as "Sacajawea Joins the Expedition" (a Discovery Expedition) to "Exploring Space Lectures (a National Air and Space Museum production)  to "Surveying Costa Rican Mushrooms" (the Field Museum).  Many archived topics are also available

Apple's site also offers professional development resources for education leaders. Topics include leadership practices, expert portfolios and professional growth.

Another resource from Apple is their technology showcase, highlighting student projects as well as lesson plans.

Other Resources

Pdf with some helpful Guidelines for VFTs

If you are designing your own trip or just having students take a pre-made one, consider some of the tips in this helpful handout. Everything from being sure to plan, just like you would an off-site trip, to guiding students through their experiences are covered.

Lists of Trips

Internet 4 Classroom resource list. This ssite has links to numerous trips on various topics as well as one link that will guide teachers when creating their own trips. One link lists other links as well.
Teacher's Guide also offers lists of trips, focusing on many museums and galleries that offer them.
Center for Interactive Learning
Tandberg trips--requires free registration with log on
Education World's Tips and Tricks for Virtual Trips
LDS Homeschooling field trips
Middle School list of virtual trips
 Fortune city Campus
Geography field trips
Another list of trips
Blackwell's best virtual tours
TechTrekkers tours
Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Louvre
Michigan State Museum Virtual Outreach
California Parks Online for Teachers and Students
National Park Service Distance Learning Opps
National Zoo World Tour
eFieldtrips are free but require registration
Visit Third-Wold countries with CARE
Teacher Tap offers a list

Best Freeware

Need a web page creator, try out Nvu
How about a pdf creator? try free pdf maker
An excellent free paint/draw program  ArtRage
Want to save a copy of a Youtube or other video? visit
More next  month.